Kidshop & Mustard

Kidshop & Mustard is closed due to relocation.

All the support and love that we have received over the past few years from our beloved customers have allowed us to become what we are today: a gateway to magical worlds of wonder found in books.

It was a delight for our team to experience the transformation of Kidshop & Mustard turn from a simple children's bookstore to a place where children could have a good time by participating in a wide variety of activities all based on books, namely: story telling, special events, cooking classes and arts & crafts: Things that make them laugh, jump up and down, or just give an innocent little smile … a shining little bookstore in the streets of Hamra that has taken us back to the wonderful and pure world of children. Their happiness and joy is what drives us forward.

I recall a sentence that was once said by one of our clients: “This bookstore is one of the very few places that encourage us to stay in Lebanon.” We thank you for supporting Kidshop and helping us become a better place. All of you little ones will remain in our hearts forever.

We love you, and we will be seeing you soon!


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